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Workshop Topics

2-Minute Stress Relief

Today's science knows the effects of stress on the body. How we feel throughout our day, the thoughts we have, how we manage stress all have to do with our overall health. The 2-minute technique a neuro-biochemical release that helps neutralize bad inner feelings. Make an appointment if this continues to come up, we are here to help.

  • Muscle Testing 3-hour workshop
  • What supplements should I be taking? 
  • Healing Emotional Component  Full Day workshop Level I, II & III
  • Microbiome & Cleanses
  • Managing Stress in 2-min 

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CLICK HERE for Neuro-Emotional Technique quick stress relief. 

Dr. Fuquay is passionate about teaching her patients how to care for their bodies. The power that created the body is the same power that heals the body. Learning how the body works, what it needs to be at it's best, and knowing that anything can cause anything and anything can heal anything gives you a boundless place to discover the power of being the CEO of your own body.


Being The CEO of Your Body


is more important

than your health!

Dr. Robin Fuquay D.C.

Sugar & The Immune system

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